And so what, if we fail to reach Qatar 2022?

Mr. Biodun Alabi
Mr. Biodun Alabi

I may be brutal with this, but it’s an opinion I’m entitled to for two reasons – the Eagles are not ferocious enough to be placed a bet on, and the unfolding drama about Gernot Rohr is capable of upsetting any qualification luck.

So, rather than qualify and we go quiet again, continuing to think all is still well with our football, failing to reach Qatar may just be the needed tonic for reality check.

The whole Gernot Rohr episode stinks. From the details of the contract he signed and the undercurrents of the whole gamut of his term as Eagles coach, it’s a cesspit of unpatriotic and self-centred actions by the NFF top echelon. This is the worst period for Nigerian football!

Sack Rohr or not, the rot and the shenanigans will not go away except for a tsunamic revolution of occupancy of the NFF, right policies and accountability in our football to come to place

I wish I was Nigeria’s president at the moment, I will dare FIFA, sack the NFF board and later sit with Gianni Infantino to explain my action and the quickest way to recovery.

Public offices are sensitive to run in Nigeria, so I don’t envy the men in the NFF, but in a football-crazy country like ours, if you are not succeeding on the job, the most honourable thing to do is to quit.

Amaju Pinnick and his men are lucky that Nigerian football fans have mostly switched to European leagues, otherwise, they couldn’t have left Teslim Balogun stadium last Tuesday without being stoned or harassed.

The pay off package if Rohr is sacked would have supported the local league somehow. It’s a corrupt contract,simple!

Our entire football is in a mess- the Eagles wobbling, the Falcons waning, the clubsides under the weight of a bad economy and poor understanding by state governments.

We would only be shedding crocodile tears over a lost world cup ticket.

The problems of Nigerian football at the moment are bigger and more important than Qatar world cup ticket – if it comes, let’s welcome it, if it doesn’t, let’s get to the brass tacks.

– Biodun Alabi

(A renowned Nigerian Sport Journalist)

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