Senate Committee on Appropriation to present harmonised 2021 budget December 3


The Senate Committee on Appropriation will present the harmonised version of the 2021 budget at plenary on December 3, 2020.

The Committee’s chairman, Jubril Barau, gave the indication in Abuja, on Wednesday after some chairmen of Senate standing committees submitted their reports to the committee.

Barau said “We have our time table; we want to submit by December 3, 2020. We are going to submit a harmonised version of the 2021 budget, by the grace of God.

“We look towards the submission of the budget on December 3.”

When asked how the committee will address the omission of some agencies in the budget, the committee chairman said there was no cause for alarm on such omissions.

He said the committee will address the issue appropriately, saying that “the budget proposal is a very wide process, talking about estimates of expenditures that are going to be undertaken by the Federal Government.

“So, you have several expenditures and there is room for omission. But that is why we are here.

“We told our own committees to go and scrutinise the budgets of ministries and report back to us.

“Whatever you see in the budget, whether or not it is an omission, our work is to get the report and engage our own expert here.

“We have accountants, we have economists. They will be addressed. If there is need for correction, if there is an omission, we will fill those gaps. So, there is no cause for alarm”.


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